Why are black cats harder to get across?

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact: Black cats are more difficult to convey in the animal shelter or at the breeder than their tabby and colorful counterparts. You can find out exactly why here. It's hard to believe that these cute mini panthers are difficult to convey - Shutterstock / Donna Ellen Coleman

In contrast to the tricolor cats, which are considered lucky cats, black cats in the shelter find it difficult to find a new, loving home. The fur color of the velvet paws has no influence on their character or their amiability.

From worship to superstition about black cats

In the ancient Egyptians, all cats were considered sacred. Whether red, tabby or black cats - every fur nose was equally valued and honored.
In the Middle Ages and with the spread of Christianity in Europe and the Western world, however, it became difficult for the useful pets. They were considered a symbol of paganism, literally demonized and called witch animals.

Even today, some people still believe in the superstition that black cats bring bad luck. This could play an important role, which is why the mini panthers are more difficult to convey.

Superstition persists

With their eyes glowing in the dark and almost never blinking and their silent way of stalking their prey, the fur noses were and still are scary to some people. Black cats are particularly affected by superstition, since black is the color of night, mourning and the afterlife in European culture.

In proverbs, superstition persists to the present day. For example, supposedly it means bad luck when a black cat crosses the street from left to right. This is particularly the case on Friday the 13th.

Of course, this is nonsense, but it is quite possible that even today people are still unconsciously scared of black cats.

Are tricolor fur noses really lucky cats?

Tricolor cats are often referred to as lucky cats. But where does this sweet come from ...

Aren't black cats suitable for selfies?

In January 2018, the "The Moggery" rescue center in Bristol complained that the four-legged friends with dark fur hardly found any new owners. Director Christine Bayka believes she knows the reason. She told the BBC: "People live their lives through selfies. Black cats are not in demand because they don't look good in pictures."

It is a serious problem that did not exist 20 years ago. So far, it has not been proven whether the growing selfie cult is really to blame for the fact that black cats are difficult to convey in the shelter.

Black cats are beautiful

If you want to buy a cat or adopt from the shelter, give the black cats a chance. With their silky, shiny fur, black cats look like little panthers and are simply beautiful.

Black and white cats are also usually more difficult to convey than gray, red or multi-colored fur noses. They are also charming and lovable.

The only cat breed that is intentionally bred with black fur is the Bombay cat. But domestic cats, Maine Coon cats, BKH cats and other cat breeds with black or black and white fur also deserve a loving family and a cozy home.

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