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Kitten Zig Zag has bumblebees in the plush bottom

The sweet tortie minimiez zig zag is now part of the Cole and Marmalade family. Before that, her people Chris and Jess had to look after them. It wasn't long before Zig Zag showed what a sweet whirlwind she was.

Completely frightened and weak, Chris and Jess discovered the little kitten Zig Zag under a car. They took her home and gave her something to eat. Since she suffered from a highly contagious skin disease, the minimiez could not get to know the other cats at Poole - namely Cole, Marmalade and Jugg.

But this does not spoil the happy sugar frills, as can be seen in the video. She jumps and jumps, rages and plays, that it is a joy. One thing is certain: this little fur nose clearly has bumblebees in the plush bottom!

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