Can cats eat fruit?

As a carnivore, most cats are naturally not interested in fruit. If your room tiger is an exception and occasionally likes to eat a piece of banana or apple, that's not a bad thing, because it usually doesn't do any harm. Are strawberries and other types of fruit suitable as cat snacks? - Shutterstock / Eugene Sergeev

If cats eat a little fruit, this is by no means unnatural. Even in the wild they would eat small portions of fruit, vegetables or plants when eating mice and other small animals through their prey. That it doesn't harm them there can also be transferred to their life as a domestic tiger.

Fruit for cats: fine in small quantities

Fruit can provide cats with many important vitamins. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for the daily menu. As a small snack and as an addition to dry or wet foods, it can offer a variety of flavors and an extra dose of vitamins.

It is important, however, that you do not over-feed your animal with fruit. Because the main food of the cat is and remains meat - and that is exactly what the digestive system of the animals is designed for.

In small quantities, fruits such as strawberries, bananas or apples are not harmful. However, too much is not healthy for the animal. The reason: fruit contains carbohydrates in the form of fructose and this can lead to excessive health problems such as obesity or diabetes.

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How best to feed fruit to the cat

If your pet likes to eat fruit, there is usually nothing wrong with a small snack in between. The fruit should be fed in small pieces, without seeds, ripened thoroughly and washed off.

Sprayed, treated fruit is just as little good for house-tigers as humans, which is why organic quality fruit is the better choice. Dried fruit should be given unsweetened and unsulphurised.

You should be careful with raisins and grapes, because these types of fruit are incompatible with many fur noses and can be associated with stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea and even lead to kidney failure.

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