Four great ideas for sisal cat toys

Cat toys made of sisal are doubly practical for the house tigers. You can wear your claws abundantly and at the same time the mice and Co. still offer a lot of fun! 4 great ideas for sisal cat toys - Image: Shutterstock / Stefano Garau

1. Classic balls with feathers

This feather toy is not only very effective because of the sisal coating - the colorful feathers and a rattle inside ensure even more hunting fun!

2. Sisal pigs to crawl

With a height of around 17 centimeters, this piggy-shaped toy is the perfect size for a playful fight. Young paws fit easily on the toy.

3. Toys with a surprise

This sisal box alone is an absolute favorite for playful velvet paws. If the cat is particularly skillful, it gets one of the two ringing balls and the plush mouse from inside the toy. Hours of fun guaranteed!

4. UFO toys for velvet paws

The round toy in UFO shape is a perfect target for your cat's playful attacks. A few colored feathers in four places provide an additional game kick.

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