Buy a suitable fiddler board for your cat

A fiddle board is a nice and creative toy for your cat. It promotes the intelligence of the animal and dispels boredom. Therefore, it is also wonderful for room tigers who are alone a lot during the day and like to do demanding work. As you can see: Fummel boards are also suitable for several cats - Image: Youtube / Claus Morell

The fummel board (or cat activity board) is a modern and popular toy for cats. The cat owner can hide treats or dry food for his pet, which he then has to work out by pushing and trying. This clever toy awakens the cat's hunting instinct and curiosity and trains its dexterity. Fummel boards are available in different versions, which can be purchased in specialist shops or ordered from an online mail order company. Here we would like to introduce you to some popular models.

Fummel board for cats: boredom does not have to be!

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

With this fiddle board, room tigers are guaranteed to be busy for a while. Five different game modules address different senses of the cat and are also very suitable for young or old animals.

Cat activity fantasy board

This dishwasher-safe cat toy is durable and also comes with five play modules. So that nothing can go wrong, the packaging contains a exercise book, thanks to which you can optimally train with your cat.

Karlie Smart Cat Activity Box

This chic wooden activity box is designed to challenge your cat's play instinct with the integrated ball, among other things. It can be assembled in different ways so that the cat can embark on new adventures.

Nice variety for cats: Fummel boards with "special design"

Catit Design Senses

This food labyrinth should appeal to your cat's sense of touch and taste. In order to get the food, she has to move the food through the labyrinth with her paws until it falls through the side openings. There are different levels of difficulty.

Cat Activity Turn Around

This cat toy has different tasks for your cat, which she has to solve in order to get to the hidden treats. It trains the dexterity of the animal and is made of robust plastic.

You can find an even larger selection of cat toys here.

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