The cat started avoiding me

Good morning! My kitten has no problems, but I wonder about her behavior. I am nervous about this and would like to ask if there would be any possibility to do something in this situation.

Thank you in advance,

Ania, a faithful reader of your monthly

Mrs. Ania,

the world of fragrances is a kind of chemical communication, and unfortunately humans in this area are no match for animals. Our sense of smell is much poorer. Therefore, some of their behavior caused by sensing different smells may be incomprehensible to us. This probably happened in the case you described.

In my opinion, the cat sensed a smell that disturbed him and remembered the event. If it was unpleasant, then associating you with the whole situation means that your presence or an attempt to get closer to the kitten results in the fact that she moves away to a safe distance for herself, wanting to avoid something that she remembers as unpleasant. I think it takes time for her behavior to return to normal, and the Lady may try to encourage her to interact with it that is pleasant for her, for example introduce short but frequent games imitating hunting. Importantly, such a "hunt" should end with the cat's success, i.e. catching the "victim", which may be, for example, a piece of paper attached to a string.

You can also try to put the smell of a kitten on yourself, for example give her your T-shirt to bed and put on a T-shirt when you put the kitten on it and let it smell. Also, putting a kitten scent on your hand, e.g. from her bedding, and then gently shaking your hand to sniff it may help. In addition, you can reach for dietary supplements that raise your mood or for pheromones. I think hunting games, manipulation of fragrances and supplementation should end the crisis quickly.

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