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Around the house the Little Basset Griffon from Vendéia spreads happiness and fun. Constantly exploring and looking for free people to play with, these dogs are impossible to ignore. You will never be really alone when a Little Vendée Basset Griffon is at your home. They love attention and affection, but they also really appreciate having their own space in the house, not to mention chew toys to play with whenever they want. Dogs of this breed are quite easy to train, but from time to time they try to think for themselves.


Back in the 16th century in France, the Small Basset Griffon from Vendee it was a race used in hunting games across the arid, rocky terrain of western France. Many details about dogs of this breed are described in their own name; Petit Basset Griffon from Vendée simply means a small dog down to the ground in Vendee, the region of France where the breed was bred.

For a long time the standard used for this breed was the same standard as the Grand Basset, although the two breeds have different sizes, but this did not work very well because the dogs of the Small Basset Griffon breed from Vendée became curved and as heavy dogs as the Grand Basset.

THE Small Basset Griffon from Vendee is a hunting dog that primarily uses its sense of smell to track and locate its prey. This is a very bold and alert breed, with its tail being carried high like a saber, having been specifically developed to withstand the difficult terrains of Vendee with a lot of energy mentally and physically. These dogs are one of the many varieties of Hound-type dogs that were bred in France, and can be traced back to the 16th century, back to the Griffon of Vendee, its largest and most powerful ancestor. This breed was developed for small hunting games, like, for example, hunting rabbits and hares on the difficult terrains found in the region of Vendéia.

Most hunter-type dogs that originate in France have small and large versions of the same breed, which are used for different prey. The Great Basset Griffon of Vendée was used for larger hunting games, with prey such as deer and wolves, while the Small Basset Griffon of Vendée was used to sniff and capture small prey such as rabbits, in France and other European countries, in addition to the United States. United States and Canada. It was not until the 1950s that the Societé de Venerie published a new book of standards, in which the Little Basset Griffon of Vendée had its own official standard released and came to be considered a separate breed from the Great Basset Griffon of Vendee. In 1975 the crossing between dogs of the large and small variety was prohibited.


Despite being quite independent, Small Basset Griffon dogs from Vendée they still feel a great desire to please their owners.

Confident, happy and outgoing the Little Basset Griffon from Vendéia adapts better with owners who are very active and have experience with dogs and older children, in addition to a large fenced yard. This breed is not one of those who like to spend the whole day lying on a couch and needs daily exercise - otherwise they can express their discontent using their "hunting voice" or creating amusements for themselves.


THE Small Basset Griffon from Vendee it has a small, long and resistant outline, covered by a rough coat, of medium to long length, with hairs generally in white tones with yellow, orange, black, gray or with black spots. These dogs have a narrow, rounded head, with dark, oval eyes, soft ears and a dark snout. Its tail is of medium size and must be carried high at all times. Overall, the Small Basset Griffon from Vendée has a robust and alert appearance.

Specific care

Little Basset Griffon from Vendée is a dog that will live perfectly happily in an apartment, as long as its owner makes sure that they have abundant exercise every day. If you let your Little Vendee Basset Griffon run around in the yard without any supervision, be warned: this breed is very fond of digging and will probably try to do it all over your yard.

If your Small Basset Griffon dog from Vendee having the correct hard coat, it is advisable to brush it at least once a week to keep it in good condition.


Small Basset Griffon dogs from Vendée can live up to 15 years with relatively few genetic problems. They should be brushed weekly to keep the knots in their coat and hair loss to a minimum. And don't forget to check your long ears occasionally to see if there are any signs of infection in them.

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