Cat Bathing - Licking vs. Water and soap

If you have a cat, you have probably seen him licking himself, taking his famous “cat bath”, right? This is the most natural thing in the world, cats have the natural instinct to lick, even lions and tigers have this habit, even living in the middle of nature. But it is very wrong to think that this type of "bath" is enough to keep it clean and free of bacteria.

The awareness that cats need to bathe is growing more and more. Clinics and pet shops are opening space in an area that used to be only for dogs. Now the cats also make an appointment to take cat bath and do their shearing. There are even some clinics that specialize in bathing and feline aesthetics.

Only with soap and water - in this case, special shampoos for animals, neutral and hypoallergenic - that your cat will be really clean. Make it a rule to bathe your cat once a month. Give preference to shampoos without very strong perfumes, as cats have a more sensitive sense of smell than dogs, and the use of strong perfumes can trigger bronchitis and even asthma attacks.

If your cat has not been used to bathing since he was a puppy, it is very likely that he does not like the idea of ​​bathing in water frequently. The owner who starts bathing his cat only after he is an adult should be very patient, and should also make the cat get used to the bathing ritual little by little, so as not to traumatize the pussy.

If given the right way, cat baths are a great way to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on the skin of the pussy. All phases of the bath are extremely important for your cat, from the preparation of the bath, to the completion and time to dry.

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Start with cat bath preparation, separate the shampoo and the towel you will use. Then fill a large basin or bathtub with warm water. A rubber mat inside the basin or bathtub can help your cat not to slip while bathing.

Do not put water in the basin to the top, fill the basin according to the size of your cat. Pay close attention to the temperature of the water, it must be neither cold nor too hot, so as not to burn the cat. The warm water relaxes him, and the chances of him being frightened by the water in a warm temperature are less. Think as if you were going to prepare a bath for a child.

Make sure your cat has no knots in its fur before wetting it. Your hair will not untangle when wet. If you prefer, brush your cat before putting him in the water. Cut his nails before the shower. This will help - and a lot - to prevent possible scratches.

Place your cat inside the basin with water very carefully, holding it tightly, but without squeezing it. While placing it in the bowl, talk to it in a soft voice, and pat it. This will reduce the stress of the bath.

Once inside the bowl, hold your kitten carefully and wet his entire body, except his head. So he gets used to the water. Pass the shampoo with your hands all over your body, making a kind of cat massage.

Never sink your cat in the water to remove the shampoo. Use your hands or a plastic cup to pour water on it. Be careful not to splash water on his face if you are going to use the shower. Also, be careful not to let water get in your ears. In addition to making you irritable, this can cause ear infections.

When rinsing the head, use only your hands and cover his ears so that the water does not flow into it. It is not necessary to use conditioner on cats.

After you're done, take your cat out of the bowl and wrap it in the towel. If you need to, use more than one towel. It is essential that you get the maximum amount of water before using the dryer. It is important to note that your cat will probably hate the sound of the dryer, in addition to the hot wind.

Be careful with the temperature so as not to burn the cat's sensitive skin, always check with your hand if it is not too hot. If your cat's hair is long, use a brush with the dryer to help dry it and ensure it will be free of hair.

Okay, now you how and why to bathe cats!

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