Animal cemetery: final resting place for the dog

The last rest for the loyal dog is often found in an animal cemetery. If you don't have your own garden to set up a worthy resting place, the animal cemetery is a suitable alternative. You can say goodbye and have a place to mourn. Animal cemetery: final resting place for the dog - Photo: Shutterstock / Katrina Brown

Animal cemetery: private or public?

In addition to the pain of losing your long-term companion, there is usually another important problem: the search for the final resting place. Proper burial is a worthy option here. However, burying your deceased four-legged friend in the forest or in a public place is punishable by law. Nothing speaks against a funeral in your own garden, as long as your property does not violate the nature conservation law. There are no restrictions on urn burials. However, if you do not have a garden, you can visit a public animal cemetery in many cities.

A resting place for the dog: dignified memories

There you look for a place for your loyal soul, which you can use as a contact point for future visits. Your best friend will find the last rest with a dignified burial. It is up to you how the ceremony will be held and how your dog will be buried. For a urn production, contact a special animal burial company. You can also get special coffins there. "But many also just wrap the animal in a linen cloth," reports Angelika Hoppmann, head of the animal cemetery in Dortmund. The burial then amounts to a normal burial. For both the coffin and the urn, a pit will be dug into which your pet will be placed. Everyone involved can finally say goodbye and let your partner rest on four paws in the dog heaven.

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