Euro top model with comb: dwarf cochin from Achim

Mirror, mirror on the chicken coop wall, who is the most beautiful rooster in the whole country? The answer to this question is now: A dwarf cochin from Achim, Lower Saxony. The gold-wheat-colored comb-prolet can even officially call itself European champion - the hens should already be in line.

As a rooster in the chicken coop, life is sure to be good, after all you are adored by all female comrades - especially if you are blessed with beauty like this dwarf cochin from Achim in Lower Saxony. An international jury recently named the feathered dandy European Champion in Leipzig.

According to the judges, the gorgeous guy convinced in addition to his shiny, full feathers with his combable physique, his natural gauntlets and his clear, trustworthy eyes. And according to the owner, he can also behave properly - just the perfect son-in-law. However, there remains a serious weakness with all strengths: the rooster cannot lay eggs.

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