The 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world

The world of dogs is very wide and varied, with a series of breeds with different characteristics. It is precisely these different characteristics that make a team of ten animals chosen as one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world - although many animal lovers still prefer to take home, for free, the cleverness and joy of dear mutts. .

But in the animal world there is room for everyone, and many of those who are already eyeing a specific breed choose to buy dogs, being able to choose the exact animal they want to take home. However, those who like more exotic pets may encounter the most expensive prices in the pet universe when choosing a rare breed dog, and if it is present in the list below, you must prepare the pocket - since the dog of your choice it can cost much more than an apartment. See below the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world:

  • Pharaoh Hound
    With a name that, in the translation, means "Dog of the Pharaoh", the Pharaoh Hound is famous for being linked to the beliefs of ancient Egypt, where they believed that the race was the representation of the god Anubis. Very rare in Brazil, the breed is, in most cases, imported from the Republic of Malta (where it comes from), and costs up to R $ 4 thousand.

  • Pug
    Famous for being the breed of the character Frank - the dog in the movie Men in Black - the Pug is originally from China and a very compact dog; which adapts easily to the most varied environments and is very docile. Although it is not so rare in Brazil, its price can reach up to R $ 6 thousand - varying according to its sex and place of sale.

  • English bulldog
    Considered an easy-tempered and very docile dog, the English Bulldog can cost up to R $ 10,000 in Brazil. However, its price until it matches the many difficulties encountered for the breed to be procreated. Quite complicated, the breeding of this dog requires, in some cases, the use of artificial insemination techniques; also asking for a delivery by cesarean section to avoid risks for the mother dog.

  • Saluki
    Regarded as one of the oldest breeds of domestic dogs, Saluki is also known by the names of Hound Gazelle and Arabian Hound, being characterized by its extremely elegant bearing. With a price that reaches around R $ 6 thousand, the dog of the breed used to be used in activities such as hunting, and needs plenty of space to live and exercise.

  • New land
    Very rare in Brazil, the Terra Nova breed is not purchased here for less than R $ 3 thousand, and this value can reach up to about R $ 6 thousand, depending on the place of purchase. Its large size and its need for physical activities require the animal to be raised in a place with enough space to stay healthy.

  • Chihuahua
    Wanted by many and considered a "pocket dog" for its small size, the Chihuahua is a very protective and brave. Its price, which usually varies between R $ 3,000 and R $ 10,000, also varies according to the sex and place of purchase of the animal.

  • Chinese Crested
    Originating in China, the “Chinese Crested Dog” is considered one of the most exotic in the world. With a delicate and affectionate temperament, the Chinese Crusted is, in most cases, of a naked body, with hairs only showing on the extremities - its version with a body covered with fur is called "Powderpuff". Its price is around R $ 7 thousand.

  • Canadian Eskimo
    Very rare and considered by some to be threatened with extinction, the Canadian Eskimo breed is originally from the Arctic, and was once very used to pull sleds. In Brazil, this dog is not even bred, as it cannot withstand such high temperatures, however, abroad it is sold for an average of up to 7 thousand dollars.

  • Pomeranian Lulu
    Also known as the “German Spitz”, the Pomeranian Lulu is well known and loved - mainly, by the female audience. Characterized by its small size and vast coat, this dog is sold for up to R $ 12,000 in Brazil.

  • Tibetan Mastiff
    Extremely rare, the Tibetan Mastiff (or Tibetan Mastiff) is undoubtedly the most expensive dog breed of all time. Originating in China - where it is considered a status symbol - they have a vast, thick coat that withstands very low temperatures. In 2011, a specimen of the breed was sold for about R $ 2.5 million - with an average price of around R $ 1.5 million.

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