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These are the best dogs of 2012 (part 1)

Whatever kitten doesn't learn, dog never learns. And so the "Buzzfeed" magazine also selected the best dogs in 2012 that have all sorts of jokes in their heads. It is not surprising that a few old acquaintances also appear in the ranking, who have already caused quite a few laughs in our editorial team. Here is our selection.

His fuzzies even fly around his ears: this funny four-legged friend, who has fun with the air conditioning in Mistress' s car, lands in 30th place for the best dogs in 2012:

This funny guy even makes himself useful and piggybacks just one cat to take her home safely. The question arises as to which of the two actually deserves 28th place - the porter on four legs or the patient cat who can do it with himself:

If you are looking for a particularly secure bike lock, you should take a closer look at this golden retriever. First he takes care of Herrchen's bike, and as soon as this is back he jumps onto the luggage rack. The funny ride only ends in 23rd place for the best dogs in 2012:

Ever heard of dog heaven? No? Then take a look at place 21. It should be something like this:

The recently shown bulldog, which just feels great on the trampoline, is in 19th place. But the four-legged friend in 14th place seems to top the animal trampoline jumper in his pure joie de vivre. Look for yourself:

And we will tell you tomorrow who was voted first in the ranking for best dog 2012 - you will surely recognize him.

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