Ear beetle: do the insects actually pinch in the ear?

Many animals are assigned a certain property in the naming - sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly. What about the ear beetles? Are the animals really keen to pinch human ears? Ear beetles are harmless to humans - Image: Shutterstock / Igor Semenov

The ear beetle or "common earwig" is said to crawl into a person's ears and use pliers to pierce the eardrum to lay its eggs in the brain. But in fact, the ear beetles pose no danger to the human hearing organs.

Ear beetles as an ancient remedy

The name of the insect came about as follows: From antiquity to the early modern age, medicine used ear-pinchers in powder form for ear diseases - such as inflammation or deafness, which, by the way, was useless, as is now known. When this medical practice was forgotten, only the Latin name "auricula" remained. Since "auris" means "ear" in Latin, people used to speak of ear beetles.

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