Grumpy Cat: four-legged friends with star doors

It was only a matter of time before the famous Grumpy Cat with the bad-tempered look became an advertising star. The popular four-legged friend has now held a first photo shoot with the animal feed manufacturer Friskies. And first star doors are not long in coming either. Grumpy Cat at the photo shoot with Friskies - Image: Facebook / Friskies

Grumpy Cat - the world's most famous cat after Garfield - has long since become a star outside of the Internet. Thanks for this is an advertising contract with the animal feed company Friskies. And, of course, a real star has everything to show. Even before the photo shoot, Grumpy Cat was treated like the king of the tigers: a first-class ticket to Austin, Texas, where the shoot took place, and of course filets mignon en masse included during the flight. No reason for a bad-tempered cat face!

Grumpy Cat: spoiled cat star

Of course, a real manager should not be missing. This has a lot to do, because Grumpy Cat is not just any pet: the allegedly bad-tempered cat is said to be pampered permanently, sleeps in a 5-star hotel with an XXL cat bed and even has its own chauffeur. Of course, treats must also be permanently available. It remains to be seen how long the Grumpy Cat phenomenon will continue.