The 10 most popular cat breeds in the world

Loved by many, felines are becoming more and more beloved in Brazil; and research even indicates that in a few years the number of domestic kittens should be equal to that of canine pets in the country - and the ten most popular cat breeds in the world should appear quite among the choices of Brazilians.

While many of these names are already well known here, some others have not yet fallen in with the Brazilians - be it for the sake of preference or the rarity of these specific cats - however, the list joins the ten most popular cat breeds of the world. Know their names and particularities below, and choose your favorite to, who knows, be one more person to be part of the team of pussy lovers:

  • Persian

    Gentle, quiet and very sociable, the Persian cat has the best known name in the feline world, and is ideal for those looking for a companion, loyal and quiet pussy - since the meows of this pussy are very low and discreet. Originating in ancient Persia, in the Middle East, the breed is known for having a long and silky coat of color that varies, mainly, between white, gray, black and beige.

    Owner of a robust body, the Persian cat it has a round head, a flat face and strong, short legs; measuring about 40 centimeters in length and 25 in height. Due to the flattening of the face, this breed may have some eye problems - and the region of your eyes should be a constant focus of attention. Its weight is approximately 5 kilos and its life expectancy is about 12 years.

  • Siamese

    Although it is not known for certain, it is believed that the origin of the Siamese cat is Asian, and the breed became popular from the 1980s; when the first specimens of the feline began to arrive in the United States. Owner of a strong and striking personality, the breed is quite independent and not very sociable with strangers; it can become somewhat aggressive when people or animals insist.

    Its short coat requires little care and the siamese body he is quite strong and muscular, guaranteeing him agility for hours and hours of games - which, in many cases, he prefers to do alone (although he also likes to have fun in the company of the owners). Counting on pigmentation only on the extremities of the body - such as face, paws, ears and tail - the breed can weigh up to about 6 kilos, and the color of its coat varies, in most cases, between ice, blue and chocolate.

  • Ragdoll

    Unlike the Siamese, the Ragdoll cat loves contact and a lot of lap from its owners, having been baptized with that name (which, in translation, means Cloth Doll) due to its softness while left over its owners. Needy and affectionate, the breed is not of the independent type, and can feel very bad if it does not have the affection and attention of its owners for long periods of time.

    Large and with a long and vast coat, the Ragdoll it can weigh up to 9 kilos, and its hair must be brushed daily to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the appearance of skin diseases. Averse to agitation and noise, this cat is a great option for those who live in apartments and want a feline - since it is very quiet and considered by many to be a “Zen cat”.

  • Maine Coon

    Big, the Maine Coon cat is the world record holder in feline size, since a specimen of the species that lives in the United States reached the length of 1.23 meters, entering as the largest cat in the world in the Guinness Records book. Its long coat requires weekly brushing, and the breed is quite independent, being able to spend some time alone without major problems.

    Faithful and active, the Maine Coon he has green or yellow eyes in most cases, and his hair can vary between about 60 different colors. Active, this feline likes space to be able to spend his energy, and is not part of the most suitable breeds to have in apartments. Originating in the USA, the breed is seen as a result of the cross between Angora and American Shorthair cats.

  • Abyssinian

    Originally from Egypt, where he was considered a sacred feline, the Abyssinian cat is intelligent, curious and very sociable, interacting well with children and the elderly as well as with adults and other animals. Extremely faithful to their owners, cats of the breed are quite active, and large environments are indicated as their home - although they also have the ability to adapt to smaller spaces.

    Owner of a short coat, the breed does not require much care and can weigh up to kilos; its life expectancy is about ten years. Its head is triangular and its snout is rounded, and its hair is characterized by having two or more different shades (being lighter at the root and darker at the tips). White spots can be identified on specific parts of your body, including nostrils, chin and part of the neck.

  • Holy Burma

    Wrapped in Asian legends that permeate its origin, the Sacred of Burma (or Burmese) is considered to be one of the most beautiful cats in the world. Owner of a medium-length coat that is pigmented in determined parts - face, tail and ears - this feline is best known for having completely white paws; dubbed gloves by many.

    His big blue eyes are also well known to feline lovers, and his body is robust, with a life expectancy of around 15 years. Companion and quite sociable, the Burmese he does not miss opportunities to play and be close to people, and he interacts well with children - although he is more reserved with strangers. Adapting easily to different types of environment, the breed lives well in apartments.

  • Sphynx

    Known as the naked cat, Shpynx is originally from Canada, and gained popularity worldwide due to the film Austin Powers; where he appeared as Mr. Bigglesworth, the pet of the villain Doctor Evil. Although its appearance is naked, the cat has fur, which is extremely thin and short.

    Of medium size and muscular body, the Sphinx it has a triangular head and elegant shapes, and its eyes are slightly oval. Although their fur is almost imperceptible, cats of the breed often need bathing; since your skin tends to accumulate a lot of oil. Very playful, the breed is affectionate with its owners and very intelligent; it can also be very loyal and possessive towards its owners.

  • Oriental Shorthair

    Although he is a cheerful and peaceful cat most of the time, the Oriental is a very unpredictable feline, and can be nervous in situations that do not go the way he wants. Originating in Egypt, the breed used to appear in engravings from the time of the pharaohs, when it was considered a sacred pussy.

    With a triangular head and a pair of green eyes, the cat Oriental Shorthair it has short hairs and different types of patterns, and can have a coat in solid, tabby, smoke or bicolor styles, among others. Very active, this cat is also independent, and can live up to 20 years if treated properly.

  • American Shorthair

    Owner of a calm personality and that adapts easily to any type of environment, the American Shorthair cat (also known as Shorthaired English) interacts well with children and other animals - and many consider him a cat of very similar temperament to that of dogs. . Due to its great adaptive power, this feline it can be ideal for busy or quieter homes, and it is not the type that can have problems if it does not get the full attention of its owners - as they are quite independent and do well while alone.

    Very resistant and with a strong and proportional body, the American Shorthair cat has big, almond-shaped eyes, and the color and pattern of its coat can vary a lot. Although it is calm, this cat can be quite active, and weighs around 6 kilos - with a life expectancy of around 16 years.

  • Exotic

    Originally from the United States, the Exotic cat is a product of the mix between Persian and American Shorthair - being described by many as a Persian feline with short hair. Characterized by a compact and rounded body, the feline of this breed highlights a broad and muscular muscular chest, having a short and thick cause, which is proportional to the rest of its body.

    Calm and very affectionate, the breed is also the type that loves to spend time in the company of its owners, preferably lying on their lap. Your coat can have different types of design and color (as well as your eyes), and needs brushing with a certain constancy to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Quiet and easily adaptable to different types of environments, the Exotic cats they can be a good choice for those who live in apartments.

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