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Every veterinarian attends at least one animal with dermatitis in his office. The causes are many, as they can range from an allergic reaction to flea bites, lice, ticks to food intolerances or other problems. And it is in this context that most professionals ensure that allergic skin diseases are at the top of the ills that most lead pets to have to be evaluated.

To reduce this rate, care is needed, in addition to supervision and prevention. Taking care of the dog or cat is a duty of any person who has it, therefore, more than maintaining hygiene in day, care with deworming and vaccination and food, it is always necessary to remain allergic because food is an item that requires attention , as many pets can trigger allergies to some component of the feed and this will cause itching and discomfort, with a specific treatment and a change of diet.

Supervision comes together with the environment in which the animal lives. And clean? Do you have vectors that can transmit some zoonosis? In view of this, prevention comes in, since, in these cases, a single bite of any ectoparasite will take the dog or cat over a long period for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease in question.

Without the administration of products that kill or inhibit the attack of these villains, the animals are prone to bites from fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes and open to many diseases, such as Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis, a Tick ​​Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, as well as other harms that harm not only the skin, but also the pet's organism and well-being.

Understanding DAPE

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When the animal arrives at the veterinarian's office with itching, redness, lesions of varying degrees and even bruises (the pet is so itchy), it is necessary to investigate DAPE (Ectoparasite Allergic Dermatitis). And this is where meticulous work comes in to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

If the dog or cat has had no means of preventing these parasites, then all possibilities are on the list of admissible causes of DAPE. And more specific procedures will be needed to be adopted by veterinarians, such as: cytologies, material cultures, blood tests and other various methods to discard the probabilities of the causative agent of the problem one by one.

The first step in defining the diagnosis is to apply a product against fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes for 3 months, so that they are completely eliminated from pets. It is important to note that in 15% of the cases of DAPE, the parasites are not seen in the animal, therefore, not finding parasites does not rule out that the pet has DAPE.

If there is no improvement in the condition after the elimination of parasites, the furry must follow a Balanced diet and adapted to the situation, as it will also be part of the investigations on what is causing the allergic process. Some animals may be sensitive to animal protein present in the diet and for this reason it is necessary to change the diet. Just like the usual ration, snacks, bones and flavorings, present in oral medicines, will have to be suspended for a period of 8 to 13 weeks.

If the animal still does not improve, it is likely that it is atopic, that is, it has sensitivity to environmental compounds, such as: mites, plants, humidity, etc.

Arriving at the precise diagnosis, the animal will go through a long process of treatment and recovery. It is important to note that 52% to 75% of animals that have food hypersensitivity also have DAPE or atopy and 35% to 80% of atopic animals also have DAPE, that is, more than ever they should be protected from fleas, ticks, head lice and all other risks that could lead to a more extreme case.

How to prevent fleas and ticks for so long?

In the animal products market, there are several preventive options indicated to avoid the damage caused by ectoparasites, such as vaccines (when zoonosis has this type of contraception), medicines that must be applied to animals in specific periods (usually month to month), as well as shampoos and other hygiene items that assist in combating the agents that cause DAPEs.

Seresto enters this situation as a great ally, with the best cost-benefit in the market, which elevates it as one of the best solutions for several precautions.

Seresto is odorless, water resistant and safe for animals, people and the environment. In addition, its durability is up to 8 months, not only preventing the pet for almost a year, but also greatly facilitating the lives of its owners, due to the convenience of not having to remember to apply products every month.

For both cats and dogs, the Seresto Collar can be used from puppies: felines from 10 weeks of age, while dogs from 7 weeks of age.

It is worth remembering that Seresto is an effective way to combat all the harms caused by ectoparasites. Many zoonoses, such as Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis (chronic infection caused by microorganisms inserted in the pet by the bite) are difficult to analyze immediately, in addition to diseases that have an extended incubation period, making the case more serious and possibly reaching circumstances more drastic.

In short: if you can guarantee your pet's safety for up to 8 uninterrupted months, giving him well-being, safety, prevention against all the aforementioned harms, in addition to preventing him from going through periods of stress caused by the disease itself, by searching of accurate diagnosis and treatment, why not use the Seresto Collar?

Seresto also acts against Leishmaniasis

There is one more caveat that makes Coleira Seresto again have differentials in relation to products with the same purpose: the other products will only act in the control of parasites, but the pet will remain exposed to other triggers of allergies and diseases. Seresto, on the other hand, not only offers protection against fleas, ticks and lice, but also the diseases caused by these transmitters and the much feared Leishmaniasis.

This zoonosis, which is also known as Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis, has high rates of cases verified by Brazil, even though there are many campaigns to combat its dissemination. Because it is silent, with its symptoms appearing many years after the infection, when it is discovered it may be too late.

In addition, it is a disease that has no cure, only treatment for the rest of the animal's life. And this harm can affect several organs: the bone marrow, the liver, the lymph nodes, the skin and the spleen. Although many believe that blood transfusion can cure zoonosis, this type of procedure does not reverse the damage caused because the animals continue to carry the disease.

Cats can also use Seresto

As was mentioned in many parts of this text, the Seresto Collar is not just a product for dogs: felines can also use it. It has no smell, is water resistant and has an efficient safety lock, which prevents tangling or the pet from hanging. If the cat is caught by the collar somewhere, it opens or breaks, not compromising the animal's vitality.

Seresto is safe and will work for up to 8 months fighting fleas, ticks and diseases like leishmaniasis. Especially in times of heat, this spread increases, which increases the need to protect domestic animals in an effective way.

Cost-benefit ratio proves: Seresto is not expensive

If a product guarantees up to 8 months of efficiency in its purpose, giving convenience and tranquility to pet tutors, who do not need to apply the other medications every month to fight ectoparasites or fear forgetting the correct date (and putting the pet's health at risk), why not invest in Seresto?

Seresto has the best cost-benefit of the market and offers convenience to allergic animals, which with other products on the market must be treated monthly, and you still have to go out to buy the necessary medicines and use all your waist-set to apply the products to the pet.

Seresto is practical, as it stays as an accessory on the animal's neck, guarantees its protection for almost a year and also facilitates the diagnosis if the animal has DAPE. No dog or cat is immune from itching, redness and allergies, however, if they are using Seresto, all possible causes from fleas, lice or ticks are automatically ruled out, making the diagnosis faster, as the pet may experience this nuisance due to food hypersensitivity, some reaction to too much exposure to the sun or genetic allergies, which many they already have in their DNA the predisposition to trigger it.

Remember that the Seresto Collar expels and kills ectoparasites before they attack your pets, in addition to reducing transmission of terrible Leishmaniasis and other zoonoses caused by flea, lice and tick bites. It is a product with high technology that arrived on the market to bring security and tranquility to the pet and its tutor. There is no margin for failure in prevention and the product's duration is long.

The low doses gradually released by Seresto do not compromise the health of any of those involved, except that of the vectors of the harm in question. That is, in view of so many benefits and the relief of knowing that your pet will have protection for a long time, without needing more intensive diagnoses or stressful treatments, is the Seresto Collar a good deal or not?

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