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Danger to life for dogs from barbecues

Caution: danger to life: It is better not to feed any leftovers from the grill to your four-legged friend. They are far too difficult to digest for dogs and can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Grilled remains are not for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / vgm

Even if your dog is completely enraptured by the smell of steak or sausages - resist and do not give him any leftovers from the grill. Because spicy spices and, above all, bone fragments can cause great confusion in your animal's digestive tract. There is also a danger to life.

Dangerous barbecue remains for dogs

Already when reading the list of ingredients for a good steak marinade, the alarm bells should ring for you. Usually a lot of oil, several cloves of garlic and various spices are used. It tastes good to us and smells seductive even for the dog. But this amount of garlic alone can be life-threatening for dogs - the animals cannot tolerate the ingredients of the essential oils.

Spices are also difficult to digest for our four-legged friends: dog bodies cannot process chilli, paprika powder, salt or pepper and the animals' fluid balance gets mixed up.

Danger to life for dogs, however, means above all the small parts of the bones in the barbecue remains. Larger amounts of bone usually lead to blockages in the dog, since they block the intestine and the digested food can no longer pass through. Small bone remnants or fragments can pierce through the intestinal walls. In the worst case, food residues get into the abdominal cavity. The result is painful inflammation.

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Danger to life: quickly to the vet

Quick help after the barbecue: If your dog only suffers from constipation, you can try vegetable oil first. Give a tablespoon of oil to ten kilograms of body weight. If you are lucky, you can help your four-legged friend yourself.

But what to do if your dog suddenly vomits and gets severe diarrhea? There is a risk to life - see a veterinarian immediately! One or two hours after your dog has eaten something with a syringe, the animal can vomit. In this way, the harmful leftovers are choked out again.

However, you can save your dog a lot of suffering if you don't even let him touch the remains of the grill. Instead, compensate your darling for the missed steak with a few dog treats.