Paid leave for a cat. The Scandinavian company introduced "Kocierzyński"

Nowadays, maternity and paternity leave are standard. However, there are companies that go a step further and offer special benefits for employees who do not have children, but have… animals. The concept of "Pawternity Leave" has existed for some time now - leave for new puppy owners. Now there is also "something" for cat owners - the Scandinavian company Musti Group has introduced ... Kocierzyński.

Who is the Kocierzyn leave for?

Musti Group, a company operating in Norway, Sweden and Finland, guarantees the right to a 3-day paid leave for a cat. This applies to a situation where an employee decides to adopt a purr - free days are to help the owner oversee the acclimatization process of the new household member. This is especially important when there is already one cat in the house who needs to get to know the new roommate gradually.

The adoption of an animal is an important decision that significantly affects our daily life. We want to support our employees in the first days together with a new family member so that they can fully enjoy this special time - explains Musti Group CEO David Rönnberg *

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We do not hide that we are delighted with this idea. What's more, we hope that Kocierzyński will also be introduced by other companies, also in Poland. Every cat keeper certainly remembers the moment when the purr for the first time put his paw in his house. This is a one-of-a-kind moment - our family just got richer.

It happens, however, that the acclimatization in a new place is not as smooth as we would like. Any change - even for the better - is stressful for cats, which take time to feel safe. Before this happens, they deal with different ways - most of them hide in a dark corner for some time, but sometimes a very nervous cat refuses to eat food and use the litter box. This is why it is so important to have a guardian who observes the development of the situation from a distance and is able to intervene if necessary. In this context, Kocierzyński is really hard to overestimate!

What do you think about a cat leave? Would you like Kocierzyński to be in force in your companies?

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