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A little tip for cats: be a little dog!

It's no secret that our beloved cats are among the cosiest animals in the world. The mobile operator O2 has now taken this as an opportunity to take their sweet traits a bit on the heels and to recommend them: just be a bit like a dog!

Of course we love our room tigers the way they are and we don't want to change them at all. But one of their characteristics is cosiness: Up to 20 hours of sleep a day are quite normal for the sweet sofa chillers. But why not try something new?

A brave jump out of the cat flap and off you go into the big wide world. Catching sticks, digging holes, raging in the water and experiencing many adventures like a dog - this advertisement recommends this not only to our cute little tigers, but to all of us. Be a bit of a dog and use the day!

Dog and cat are friends for life

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