If the cat scratches the wallpaper: possible causes

If the cat scratches the wallpaper, it is extremely annoying for the cat owner. If he wants to wean her off, he first has to find out what is causing her behavior and needs a lot of patience. Boredom, territory behavior or too few scratching posts: scratching the wallpaper can have a variety of causes - Image: Shutterstock / maradonna 8888

Clawing is part of the cat's natural behavior and is very important to her. It sharpens and maintains its claws and marks its territory, which is why a small scratching unit is often inserted into the wallpaper, especially after extensive renovation work.

Getting the claws out of cats completely is neither possible nor appropriate to the species. However, it is possible to recommend certain places for it and the wallpaper is not part of most cat owners. If, despite everything, the velvet paw has chosen this place, there are various possible causes, which we would like to discuss below.

If the cat scratches the wallpaper: Possible reasons

A common and simple cause when the cat scratches the wallpaper is that it simply has too few other scratching options. Somewhere she has to sharpen her claws and a nice woodchip wallpaper comes in very handy.

Extreme territory behavior is also possible. This can happen when the animal is not neutered and is often accompanied by other unpleasant behaviors such as urine labeling. The Stubentiger wants to show that he is the boss and that nobody has anything to look for in his area.

Stop cats scratching wallpaper: tips

Getting rid of cats scratching wallpaper is not easy and requires patience, calm and consistency ...

Other cats mark out of boredom. This creates frustration and it can lead to her destructive rage being used as a valve. This cause is particularly common in indoor cats, especially if they are kept as a single cat.

Those who have found the cause can start coping with it. In the second part of our guide "If the cat scratches the wallpaper" you will find tips that will help you to stop cats scratching wallpaper.