New adventures with Maru and Hana: chasing the fleecy tail

For Internet star Maru and his cat friend Hana, no two days are the same. This time the little Hana is playing catch with Maru's tail. The good-natured hangover patiently endures this.

Sweet Maru from Japan has been a YouTube star for years. Some time ago, the chubby Scottish Fold cat got a new playmate, little Hana. Although Maru lived alone for years, he quickly got used to the cute tiger cat. Since then, the little one has kept the cozy Maru busy.

Now Hana has discovered a new game: chasing Maru's tail. It is also exciting when the rest of the hangover is hiding behind the curtain and the fluffy tail wipes the floor. Dear Maru, of course, plays along patiently. Apparently he can't deny his little girlfriend a wish.

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