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Ten little lucky pigs for 2014

"Happy New Year and a piggy New Year!", Wishes this piggy - Image: Shutterstock / S-F

A happy new year is only half as good without a lucky pig! These ten messengers of luck show why. "Happy New Year and a piggy New Year!", Wishes this piggy - Image: Shutterstock / S-F Schweini wishes all friends a happy 2014 - Image: Shutterstock / Baloncici The umbilical pig from Brazil wishes: "Feliz ano novo!" - Image: Shutterstock / Elena Kalistratova In the Far East, New Year is often celebrated a little later, but this Asian lucky pig doesn't care - Image: Shutterstock / Stephane Bidouze Wild boars celebrate New Year's Eve really wild - Image: Shutterstock / Coffeemill Pretty colorful ... that's how 2014 should be - Picture: Shutterstock / Bork The small chimney-piglet piglet brings double happiness - Image: Shutterstock / Tomasz Boinski Afraid of firecrackers? A well-hidden lucky pig - Image: Shutterstock / ChameleonsEye Little pig from Vietnam, wishes a happy festival with lots of fanfare - Image: Shutterstock / Tomo Jesenicnik Semi-strong wild boar in search of happiness - Image: Shutterstock / Peter Krejzl

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  • 20-01-2014 15:01:39

    breuhaus: cute! Report abuse
  • 01-01-2014 20:01:01

    christawerdan: We can all use such a lucky pig in 2014! Report abuse
  • 01-01-2014 14:01:13

    riafleischmann: All my Facebook friends a nice, healthy, peaceful and loving 2014. Report abuse
  • 01-01-2014 11:01:27

    irenesohn3: report abuse for all of you a lot of pigs in the new year
  • 31-12-2013 22:12:01

    astriddenne: Report a happy new year 2014 to everyone
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    31-12-2013 19:12:32

    anitram9028: Happy New Year 2014 report abuse
  • 31-12-2013 17:12:27

    hansjorgtha: Very nice pictures Report abuse
  • 31-12-2013 17:12:26

    hansjorgtha: Glück vom Schweindli Report abuse
  • 31-12-2013 17:12:18

    ingridnoack5: best regards and a great 2014 report abuse
  • 31-12-2013 17:12:18

    gudrunbrosch1: Happy new year and all the best for the new year 2014 Report abuse
  • 31-12-2013 16:12:04

    dorisfladischer: everyone a happy new year and good luck! Report abuse