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There is always fear when walking your dog and across the street, an owner walks with his adorable dog that can be three times the size of yours or just a normal dog, and suddenly your dog reverses actions and, instead of letting yourself be taken by you, start running and pulling you by his leash.

They are strong dogs and are always afraid that they might end up with the greatest MMA fighter anyone can imagine. Or they may just be athletes and the possibility almost never crosses your mind. They can even participate in the Game Dog.

But what is this Game Dog?

Game Dog that can also be called Iron Dog, Pit Games, are games, activities in which dogs participate in some modalities such as long jump, height, climbing or traction.

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In the story invented at the beginning of the text, when you stop and think of a big or strong dog, the image that normally comes to mind is that of a pit bull. In Game Dog activities there are no rules saying that only they can participate, any dog ​​can participate, but for the most part, yes, they are pit bulls.

Due to their strong nature in every way, they are the most seen in events with these activities. In the traction mode, the winner is the dog that carries the most weight in a marked distance for all participants. This modality is divided into categories, according to the weight loaded, which increases every five kilos.

High jump wins the dog that jumps as high as possible and manages to move to the other side. Long jumps are the ones that the participants take impulse and save forward, again behind some object and whoever gets farther, is the winner.

In climbing, the dog that climbs higher, behind an object, is the winner. But some of them can climb very high, so you always have to be careful on the descent, with the coaches catching them or a safety rope that helps prevent accidents.

At the Game Dog, the care must be very great with the well-being of each dog, in each of the modalities there are risks to the animals, so the trainers have to make sure that the exercises are doing well and when it comes to fun, new challenges and skills for dogs and not hurting them or giving health problems.

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