Does a dog have a baby tooth?

In addition to the friendship and affection between dogs and humans, there is much in common between them, and a number of natural factors that occur with people also happen in the lives of animals. However, what not everyone knows is that dogs' mouths also show some similarities with that of humans, and dogs have baby teeth.

Like us, puppies are also born toothless, beginning to show their first teeth around the third week of life. However, the dog has baby tooth, and 28 of those teeth born in their first phase of life will fall off in a short time, making room for the birth of their definitive arcade - quite feared by those who shiver with the possibility of a bite.

The milk teeth of dogs start to fall around their fourth month of life and, although they are not as strong and permanent as the ones that will come next, they are much more pointed and sharper than the definitive teeth - which are born more rounded and in greater quantity (42 in total).

Exceptions can occur with some miniature breeds, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Pincher, Poodle and Shih-Tzu, for example. In these cases, the dog milk teeth they may not be eliminated in a natural way when the final arch begins to be born, remaining in the animal's mouth and sharing space with the new teeth.

However, as in the case of humans, this factor can cause a variety of problems in the oral region of the animal, and the teeth must be extracted to avoid major complications - preferably, by a specialist, such as a veterinary dentist, who can better assess the oral situation of the pet in question.

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In addition to suffering from teething problems, dogs that do not lose their teeth in a natural way can develop inflammation and a series of other complications depending on the occurrence; and it is indicated that dogs of breeds more likely to have this type of problem make an appointment with a professional around 7 months of age, so that they can be evaluated.

Although it may seem worrying, changing the teeth of dogs is, in most cases, quite simple - the biggest problem faced by them during this period is very itchy gums, which can cause it to behave in a different way. quite compulsive, starting to gnaw and bite everything that appears in front of you.

Provide toys that the animal can bite quite a lot is essential during the birth of your definitive teeth, as this way, the dog will be able to relieve his itch without destroying the rest of his home. Rubber toys that are suitable to be frozen in the freezer (promoting a cold and soothing sensation for the dog that plays with it), such as the well-known “cold sticks”, are some of the most suitable for this phase.

It is important to remember that, in common cases of teething changes, itching is the only typical change that occurs and therefore factors such as lack of appetite and apathy cannot be ignored at this stage (since the appearance of these symptoms is not natural, and should be investigated).

In most cases, canine pet owners don't even realize when animal teeth start to fall. However, this is not a cause for concern, as even when the dog ends up swallowing its own baby tooth, it does not have consequences for its health.

It is essential to keep in mind that, as in the case of humans, dogs 'teeth must receive constant attention and care and, although there are toys and foods in the pet market that help to clean the animals' oral regions, they are not enough to keep your pet free from the accumulation of dirt and the formation of bacterial plaque - which can cause serious periodontal problems in the dog and even cause it to lose its permanent teeth early.

Therefore, daily brushing of dogs' teeth is extremely necessary, and should be done with brushes and specific pastes for the animal - since the human version of these items can hurt and even cause stomach irritations in the pet (which, unlike humans, does not have the ability to spit out the paste after brushing).

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