Labradoodle: educational tips

The Labradoodle is a loving family dog. When teaching cute dogs for allergy sufferers, clear limits are important, otherwise they are uncomplicated and simply need enough exercise. Labradoodle: Tips for education - Image: Shutterstock / Claudia Naerdemann

On the whole, teaching a Labradoodle is relatively easy. He is a very intelligent and adaptable dog. Dealing with children is also very uncomplicated due to his gentle and loving nature. As a cross between the poodle and the Labrador Retriever, the dogs have characteristics of both breeds for allergy sufferers. A very positive result of breeding is the fur, to which many people with dog hair allergy are less sensitive. But a good mix has also been created in terms of character.

Education of the Labradoodle

The bright family dog ​​is very active and peaceful, on the other hand it can also be very proud. For the upbringing this means: stay consistent. The Labradoodle needs to know where its limits are. Show him very clearly: Up to here and no further. Your four-legged friend will understand exactly - he is a clever guy.

Especially when the dogs for allergy sufferers live in the family, these clear boundaries should be set out. The Labradoodle loves to romp and play. This makes it the ideal dog for families with children. But so that he doesn't get too cocky while romping around, good dog training is very important.

The Labradoodle: a woolly dog ​​to fall in love with

You should pay attention to this: Movement is important

The dogs for allergy sufferers were originally bred as guide dogs, so they still need a lot of work and a real task today. It is therefore important to get them used to a lot of exercise and maybe even sport so that the big fluffy dogs are busy.