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Siamese posture: Please never alone

Anyone who buys a Siamese cat brings a lively, active and friendly cat into the house, where they should keep a lot in mind. The most important thing is that she should never be kept alone, because keeping her alone makes her very unhappy. Access in a double pack: perfect for Siamese cats - Image: Shutterstock / Bershadsky Yuri

The Siamese cat not only needs its people as a society, but also an animal of its own kind because it almost hates being alone. Cuddling, playing, going on tour: This four-legged friend is actually only in a double pack and enjoys it to the fullest!

Why you should never keep the Siamese cat alone

There are various reasons why the very social Siamese cats do not like to be alone. On the one hand, they are usually in large groups from birth, since a Siamese kitten throw is usually larger than a normal one. In addition, they are very active and, even when they are grown up, still like to cuddle like baby cats.

Since not every cat is as active, adventurous, cuddly and curious as the Siamese cat, it is best to keep two animals of the same cat breed - they will get along brilliantly. So you can leave your pets alone with a clear conscience while they are at work and be sure that they know how to take care of themselves. Siamese cats that are kept alone would not only suffer, but could also quickly develop serious behavioral problems.

What else you should consider when keeping a Siamese cat

The Siamese cat needs a lot of space and opportunities to climb high. She prefers to be a free-lancer because she needs a lot of exercise and loves adventure. When it comes to grooming, the beautiful exotic is very easy to care for. The short fur only needs to be brushed from time to time.

Pictures of Siamese kittens: beautiful pocket-sized cats

A high-quality, balanced cat food ensures that the cat, who is quite undemanding in terms of food, stays healthy for a long time. If the beautiful four-legged friend also has a loving home, where there is always a lot going on and where she receives a lot of attention, she is happy.