Measure fever in cats

If your cat looks weak and chipped, she may have a fever. Ideally, you should have a veterinarian measure your fever so that they can treat your velvet paw right away. However, your cat has to endure less stress if you do the procedure yourself. How can you measure fever in a cat? - Image: Shutterstock / Renata Apanaviciene

If you are not sure whether your pet is suffering from an increased body temperature, you can first measure your cat's fever to save her a trip to the vet. After all, this is always associated with stress. However, if your cat is obviously feeling bad, you should not hesitate too long before visiting your vet.

Measuring fever in cats: always rectal

The most reliable way to measure fever in a cat is through the rectum. Use a commercially available digital thermometer and add a little petroleum jelly to the tip to make insertion easier. It works best for two: while one person fixes the cat, the other inserts the thermometer. Hardly any cat likes to have a fever measured, so be careful with the claws.

In any case, you should avoid measuring the temperature in the ear of your velvet paw. The animals find this even more unpleasant and injuries occur very quickly. In addition, the measurement result is not very accurate.

Maine Coon vs. Norwegian forest cat

At what temperature does a cat have a fever?

Compared to humans (36.0 to 37.0 degrees Celsius), the normal body temperature in cats is somewhat higher: between 38.0 and 39.2 degrees Celsius. If you measure fever and find a higher temperature, you should first rule out other causes: if your velvet paw was in the sun or in a warm place all the time, this could explain the rise in temperature. However, if the temperature is significantly above 39 degrees Celsius and you recognize other typical symptoms of fever in cats such as tremors or rapid breathing, you should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.