Is ice water dangerous for dogs?

There has been a story on the Internet for some time in which a dog suffers from a very bloated stomach after eating ice water. Is water with ice cubes really that dangerous for dogs? You can find out what an expert says about this here. Is ice water a good idea for dogs? - Image: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

When it is very hot outside, dogs are also happy to cool off a little. Giving them ice water to drink seems obvious. But is the extremely cold liquid good for your health? A story about a dog whose stomach bloated extremely after drinking water with ice cubes suggests whether this cooling method might even be dangerous for four-legged friends.

Is ice water responsible for the bloating of the stomach?

If the dog's stomach swells, it can become life-threatening very quickly: In the worst case, a stomach twist can occur. The dog owner in the viral story is certain that the ice water was responsible for the condition of his four-legged friend. Dr. Randall Carpenter is a veterinarian in the US state of Michigan and has looked into the case more closely. For him, it is above all a question of measure: "If the dog is overheated and dehydrated and then consumes a very large amount of ice cubes and water at the same time, the stomach may expand," explains the veterinarian.

These dogs love a wet cool down

Dogs and cold water: It's the amount that matters

Basically, dogs are allowed to drink cold water or even ice water - if it is very hot outside, it can protect them from heat stroke. Dr. Carpenter only recommends that the four-legged friend does not drink too quickly and above all not too much at once, so that it does not become dangerous. "Ice cubes and cold water are perfectly fine for animals as long as they are treated with some common sense."