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Tips and tricks for vacationing with your dog

If you are planning a vacation with your dog, you should plan many things in advance. If you follow these tips and tricks, there should not be much in the way of a four-legged holiday. With these tips, your vacation with your four-legged friend will definitely work - Image: Shutterstock / Orientgold

One of the most important tips for a vacation with your four-legged friend is the right destination. There are many beautiful places in Germany and Europe that are suitable for a vacation with your dog. First, ask yourself what you expect from the trip: Would you prefer a beach or active vacation? Is the climate at your desired destination suitable for your dog's needs?

The right accommodation for a vacation with your dog

The choice of accommodation is also crucial. Because four-legged friends are not welcome in every hotel or apartment. Find out about various options at your desired destination. You can often find tips and tricks on the websites of the respective accommodations.

The correct arrival with your dog is equally important. Airplane, train and car are basically all possible - you should be aware of the effort that your preferred travel option means for your pet. The main goal should be to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

Cross-country with the dog: off through the middle!

Tips and tricks when planning your trip

Once your travel destination, arrival date and rough plans have been determined, you should find out whether you meet all the entry requirements for a holiday with a dog - each country has different regulations. Vaccinations and medical certificates are often an important point. It is best to ask your veterinarian about this.