The essence of the Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog originally comes from Australia - as its name suggests. The nature of the sporty working dog is versatile and will be described below. The Australian Cattle Dog has the essence of a workhorse - Image: Shutterstock / WOLF AVNI

As a working dog, obedience is a very typical trait for the Australian Cattle Dog. The nature of the four-legged friend from Down Under can be described as clever and clever. He absorbs what he has learned very quickly and can act accordingly. His intelligence also ensures that the dog is very confident. If he feels a certain amount of uncertainty in his counterpart, he no longer takes it seriously.

Australian Cattle Dog: working dog from down under

As a "cattle dog" - in German: cattle dog - the four-legged friend is of course conditioned to the activity of sheep, cows and Co. As a herding dog, it is in the nature of the Australian Cattle Dog to take care of its herd or pack. This characteristic makes him a very popular guard dog. He likes to take responsibility and is very senior-conscious. Loyalty is also a characteristic of the animal. If he felt assigned to his "pack", he would do everything for his family. The Australians also call him "the man's best friend in the bush."

Australian Cattle Dog: A brilliant workhorse

Nature and character of the animal

Perseverance also characterizes the working dog from Australia. If he has a task - preferably a demanding one - he also carries it out to perfection. Of course, this four-legged friend needs a lot of work from this drive. Dog sport like agility is a good way for the intelligent Australian Cattle Dog to live out his urge to move and work.