In detail

Tips for keeping the Bolonka Zwetna

The attitude of the Bolonka Zwetna is not complicated. The small, moderately active dog needs a lot of love and attention from its owners to be happy. If he has one, he can easily be kept in the apartment. The Bolonka Zwetna is a real small family dog ​​- Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

That the Bolonka Zwetna does not like to be alone, you should consider carefully whether you have enough time and space for this clingy dog. Ideal for his posture would be if you can take him to the office too. If you plan to leave him alone for a few hours more often, you should practice it gently and gently from the start.

Housing: No problem for the Bolonka Zwetna

This four-legged friend doesn't need much space to be happy. Great walks, a lot of play and cuddle time with its owners and social contact with other dogs are indispensable for him.

He likes to run and has a lot of stamina outside. He should get at least one or two hours of exercise every day with his owner. Throwing balls and romping in the meadow are of course also part of it.

Daily employment and more

You can hold the Bolonka together with a second dog or even a cat if you are socialized, because it is friendly and sociable. The attitude in a family with children is usually very good.

The Bolonka Zwetna: Small dog, big heart!

The lively, lively little four-legged friend gets enough variety, for example, in clicker training or dog sports such as agility. A healthy diet and regular visits to the veterinarian ensure that the robust Bolonka Zwetna stays healthy and alert.