Lakeland Terrier: A lively family dog

The Lakeland Terrier is a dog that is very suitable for keeping in the family. He is affectionate, in need of love, playful and is happy when he can move around a lot every day. Correct posture: the Lakeland Terrier loves to play! - Image: Shutterstock / mjt

As an active, lively dog, the Lakeland Terrier needs a lot of exercise every day, which he likes to combine as often as possible with a swim in the lake or a little splash in the moat.

Walk the Lakeland Terrier

Outside he is nimble, skillful and curious. He is a fearless little daredevil, but usually not aggressive at all. Encounters with other dogs should go smoothly. A little caution is still required: Many dogs of this breed are still equipped with a decent hunting instinct, which requires an attentive owner when walking and makes it important that the four-legged friend is well behaved and listens to his master.

Tips for keeping the dog breed

This dog fits very well in families, is tolerable, friendly to children and likes to be integrated into everyday life - being close to its people is very important to it. Daily play units are great for the lovable, playful four-legged friend, because then he can really let off steam. The dog is rather calm in the house, but due to his vigilance, he may announce a visit with barking.

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Although he does not tend to bark constantly, he is equipped with a rather high voice that makes him easily audible from a distance - so he is only of limited suitability for keeping in the apartment, also due to his urge to move and his size. Grooming is easy. When the Lakeland Terrier is about 18 months old, it gets a wiry, curly coat that is usually trimmed every three or four times a year.

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