Toyger: What you should keep in mind

If you want to buy a toyger, let a calm, friendly cat move in with you, where there is not much to consider. In order to be happy, the pretty four-legged friend above all needs people who treat him lovingly and who have a lot of time for him. The Toyger is a playful little guy - Image: Shutterstock / Sorapop Udomsri

The Toyger has an uncomplicated nature and this is also noticeable in its attitude. It doesn't matter to him whether you let him move into a family or a one-person household. It is important, however, that he is not so much alone, because like most domestic tigers he is very sociable.

The Toyger: A wonderful house cat

You can easily keep the Toyger in the apartment, because the term "room tiger" fits him like a fist. He looks wild, but has a calm temperament and doesn't need much movement. Climbing opportunities, opportunities for sharpening claws and warm spots on the heater please the cozy room tiger. Of course, he doesn't say no to access either. A secured balcony or garden, for example, would be nice opportunities for him to enjoy a little time in the fresh air.

More tips for keeping and caring for the cat

It is best to keep him together with a second cat, because then the Toyger feels most comfortable. The little tiger is also very fond of humans and is a good company for children. Varied cat toys and a lot of play and cuddle time with his owners make the day even better.

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The robust house tigers, like all other cats, should be regularly examined, vaccinated and checked for parasites by the veterinarian - but they are also not considered to be particularly susceptible to disease, but rather rather robust little guys.

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