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Cole and Marmalade: cats chasing felt mouse

Cole and Marmalade follow their hunting instinct in this video. The cheeky cats try to catch a stuffed mouse in a box. But that's pretty difficult ...

"Now come here you mouse!", Seem to want to say Cole and Marmalade. The intelligent cats have discovered a new game: the owner of the two velvet paws has hidden a fabric mouse in a cardboard box. Again and again he lets the little cuddly toy look out of the box. "Zack!", The kitties are already putting their paws in the cardboard box to capture the toy. Super funny!

And the game box is easy to tinker: Just take an empty cardboard box, cut a few holes in it and sew a cute mouse out of felt. The new favorite toy of a cat is ready! Brilliant!

Cats and boxes: what fits, fits!