Norwegian moose dog: tips for keeping

The keeping of a Norwegian moose dog is in principle not demanding. Lots of space and a lot of activity are some of the prerequisites that the lively hunting dog needs to be happy. The Norwegian Elkhound can be kept as a hunting or companion dog - Image: Shutterstock / Robert Nyholm

If you want to offer the Norwegian Elkhound a species-appropriate attitude, it is best to keep him in a house with a garden. Long daily walks are also important for the lively, strong four-legged friend with great stamina.

Norwegian Elkhound: A dog that likes to be outdoors

This powerful hunting dog from Norway is a real nature boy. Robust and not particularly prone to illness, he loves being outside. With its thick, warming and weatherproof fur, the cold doesn't bother him. On the other hand, extreme heat is not for him - so make sure in summer that he always has enough shade and retreat in the garden.

During the walk, his hunting instinct must be noted, thanks to which the four-legged friend can quite independently become independent. It is important that he gets a replacement job if he is not used as a hunting dog. Dog sports, a lot of playing time and long, extensive walks through different areas can contribute to the fact that he is just as relaxed as as a companion when hunting.

Different posture options

In addition to his attitude as a companion when hunting elk and bear, this four-legged friend can also be kept as a family dog, because he is friendly, people-oriented and fond of children. However, its owners should still consider whether a hunting dog is suitable for them - they will never lose their hunting instinct, despite the replacement job. The same applies to its independence.

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The easy-care dog is also talented as a guard dog. He is attentive and takes good care of the house and yard, but is usually never aggressive or malicious.

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