Puppy education: basic commands for the walk

Most of the basic commands are easy to learn for the young dog and, thanks to constant repetition, pass into flesh and blood. The following commands should be practiced regularly with your puppy so that he gradually becomes a pleasant contemporary while walking. "Sit", "stay", "come here": A puppy has a lot to learn - Image: Shutterstock / JLSnader

After your little dog has already learned its name and basic commands such as “sit”, “place”, “off” and “no”, there are a few more important things that every four-legged friend should master. They serve not only to make living together more pleasant, but also to ensure security.

Dog Training: The Command "Come"

Even if your protégé can walk on a leash, it is important that he learns to come to you and stay with you if you give him the command. “Come” will of course help you to have the dog come back to you at any time, even if it follows a very interesting trail. If you later want to let your dog run without a leash, it is essential that he listens to "Come".

The command "stay"

"Stay", on the other hand, is to signal your four-legged friend that he should stay in a certain position, for example "seat" or "place". This command not only ensures that your pet is obedient in certain situations, but also for his and her safety, for example when you use it on the street. Of course, you can also think of other words for the basic commands. The main thing is that they are used consistently, that is, they always use the same thing from the start. To use a very short word is usually a good idea.

"Finely done" - praising is important

When practicing with your dog, don't forget to praise him properly if he does something well. You can also use a special word or a sequence of words such as "finely made" for this.

Puppy socialization: tips for dog owners

The behavior of the dog owner plays an important role in the socialization of a puppy ...

You can combine it with a treat or a caress, especially at the beginning, to show your four-legged friend that it is really worth listening to your commands.