German Rex: Happiest in a double pack

The German Rex is a lovable, easy-care cat, which with its calm temperament is well suited for keeping in the apartment. Anyone who offers her a secured balcony or access will make her happy - but what is more important to her is that she is not kept alone. Friendly German Rex cat: her posture is not complicated - Image: Shutterstock / Imageman

Many cats enjoy being close to another of their kind - but with the German Rex a second cat is almost inevitable. She is an incredibly social, sociable animal that usually gets very unhappy without contact with other four-legged friends. Even a person who is very much at home would probably not be satisfied with the velvet paw, so it is advisable to get the cute room tigers at least in a double pack from the start.

Fun and games with the German Rex

The German Rex is a rather calm, balanced cat. Still lying on the lazy skin is not the type of pleasant domestic cat. It has a strong play instinct and can usually not be asked for long if its owner challenges it with the game rod or a ball.

Devon Rex: A very special cat

Intelligence toys are great for overpowering the smart cat when its owners don't have time for them. She likes to climb and may be spirited when playing. So it doesn't get boring with the curly cat.

Important in the posture: many pats

In addition, the German Rex is a very cuddly cat. Pats and cuddles should never be neglected with her. If you buy a soft brush with which you can brush the loving cat from time to time, most specimens of this breed will be a great pleasure. Although she hardly loses fur and is not prone to burdock, she simply enjoys the care units very much.

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