Green-lipped mussel: joint-protecting extract for arthritis

Arthritis, an inflammatory joint disease, can be very painful for dogs. The green-lipped mussel extract is a natural remedy that can help alleviate symptoms - this applies to humans as well as to your four-legged friend. If your dog has trouble with stairs, arthritis could be the cause - Shutterstock / Steve Smith

If your dog suffers from arthritis, making the often characterized by pain while walking, running and climbing stairs noticeable. Exactly this pain can be relieved by the extract of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel by treating the inflammatory cause of the complaints. Even better, it is of course if you are giving your pet this natural remedy preventively. Because especially lively dogs suffer very much if they do not get as much exercise as they actually need.

What is a green-lipped mussel?

The green-lipped mussel grows in the coastal regions of New Zealand and is now used there on breeding farms. Earlier they supplemented the diet of the Maori without knowing this about the healing properties of the shells. Decades of research have now provided information.

It is the so-called furan fatty acids, which together with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and so-called glycosaminoglycans have an anti-inflammatory effect. Both the omega-3 fatty acids and the proteins in the green-lipped mussel are particularly diverse, which makes them more effective than fish oil. In a second step, the glycosaminoglycans - a sugar-like substance - support the build-up of cartilage, connective tissue and the entire skeleton.

Properly dose the extract for arthritis

The green-lipped mussel is served as a dietary supplement for regular food - usually in powder form. No side effects are known so far. If you are unsure because your dog is already suffering from food intolerance, it is better to consult your veterinarian. This also applies to the dosage. It is adapted to the weight of the dog, so be sure to get good advice. If your four-legged friend already has arthritis, the green-lipped mussel extract can be regularly mixed with the food for permanent support. Do you want to preemptively use the natural resources on the other hand, even a temporary cure comes from three to four months into question.

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