A puppy to fall in love with: Meet Jack Russell baby Archy

With the video title "Archy, my Jack Russell Terrier" the owner of this puppy could make one or the other quite jealous - because one thing is certain: everyone should have a little Archy!

The cuddly mini dog likes to prove why in one of his first films: Archy is small, Archy is squeaky and Archy can play like a world champion. He always wags his tail, is white and has two chocolate brown spots on his head.

He likes to jump, keeps looking at the camera with loyal puppy eyes and just likes everything! Herrchen's hand, Herrchens jeans, Herrchens apartment and of course to be stroked by Herrchen. Is there anyone else who would like to play the dog sitter for this joy?

Small, smaller, smallest: the tiniest puppies

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