These reasons speak for the adoption of a second cat

This cute video compilation gives many great reasons to buy a second cat - but the movie is also very cute for viewers who already have two or more kitties!

Having a cat is nice, but having two is often even nicer. Some reasons for this are presented in this video by cats. One is, for example, that house tigers like to be a little lazy and are happy to be able to live out their passion for lounging in pairs.

Another reason is that an older cat can be a wonderful teacher for a baby cat. The fact that two velvet paws can become lifelong friends gives them a much better quality of life and that two cats can also distract themselves a little from being too pranky is of course a practical side effect.

In addition, they can teach each other to share, offer twice as much entertainment as a cat alone, and live out their hunting instinct together. And last but not least, it means that cats are something special - having them together is great, isn't it?

Presenting cats: Ten reasons why they need their friends

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