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Four mothers day gifts for cat owners

If you want to give your mother a nice treat on Mother's Day, it is a little easier if she has a pet - because you can always use something for that! We have collected some nice ideas for you. Four Mother's Day gifts for cat owners Image: Shutterstock / nelik

1.For cuddling hours with the house tiger

A tiger and owner benefit from a cuddle and massage brush for cats at the same time. While cats are happy about the small care unit in between and enjoy the massage with the rubber knobs, their owners have significantly less work to do when cleaning the house. The brush removes loose hair particularly easily, so that significantly less cat hair ends up on the carpet and sofa.

2. For harmony in the cat household

This gift is for cat owners, where the house blessing is crooked from time to time. Anxious or constantly fighting cats often cause a lot of stress, against which a spray or a plug with special fragrances should help. So if your mother has one or two problem cases at home, this gift can be a real blessing.

3. For extra fun with the cats

And what else is important in the cat household? Of course, of course, playing should not be neglected. The "Cat Dancer" is a toy that is guaranteed to get everyone on their toes. As interactive fun, it comes with a combination of wire and cardboard rolls, makes cats curious and does not get boring even after many game units.

4.For a little break in the hammock

As cute as they are, sometimes there is also a little break, and so that your mother can get them in between, a cozy place to sleep is the perfect alternative to lying on Muchen's lap - how about a cozy hammock, for example?

Mum is the best!

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