Keep dog in the apartment: which breeds are suitable?

Not every future dog owner owns a house with a large garden. But even if you live in a (rental) apartment, you don't have to do without a four-legged friend. However, there are dog breeds that are more suitable for housing than others and are particularly easy to care for. The Maltese is an easy-care breed: the small dog is easy to keep in the apartment - Image: Shutterstock / alvesflavio

Some dog owners claim that our animal companions are only happy if they are kept in a large house with an extensive garden. The dog will be grateful for this additional run, but it is not an argument to decide against buying in the end.

Because on the one hand it depends on how much the people who live in the household are busy with their new pets - a large garden alone does not make you happy - on the other hand there are many dog ​​breeds that are kept well in the apartment can be and cope with it.

Apartment dogs: size doesn't always matter

Small apartment, small dog? This assumption applies to many breeds, but not every mini-dog is suitable for housing. Rather, it depends on the individual temperament, the urge to work and the character of the animal. For example, a chihuahua with a size that rarely exceeds 30 centimeters is small and compact, but it has a reputation for barking a lot. Even his nervous and fearful nature does not necessarily qualify him as an apartment dog. On the other hand, the Great Dane can be kept well in the apartment despite its large size, because it requires less exercise than some other dogs and has a calm and relaxed temper.

In general, when buying, you should make sure that your new four-legged companion as an apartment dog does not need too much exercise, has a balanced temperament and has little barking. Hunting and herding dogs such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter or Border Collie can only be kept in the apartment to a limited extent because they have so much energy in them. Walks alone are often not enough for them, so a house with a garden offers additional space for them.

Five great dog breeds for beginners

Bulldog, Maltese and Pug - suitable dog breeds for housing

Tolerant little dogs, also known as beginner dogs, are usually very suitable for keeping pets. They are friendly, calm and patient towards people. It is enough for them to work out once a day if they have someone who accompanies them a lot in everyday life and also creates small games and employment opportunities in the home.

These so-called beginner dogs include breeds such as Bichon Frisé, French and English Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Havanese, pug or even the poodle. The Maltese is also a dog that you can keep well in the apartment. His fur is what makes him so special: because the Maltese has no lower skin, it is very easy to care for and has little hair. The same applies to the beagle and the schnauzer.

Keep dog in the apartment: employment is important

But even if your house dog needs less exercise than other breeds, you should always remember that every four-legged friend needs its daily walk and exercise. Also try to make the apartment dog-friendly and accessible and to offer it a lot of work.

It shouldn't be too crowded so your cold-nosed friend has enough room to romp around. So you can play little hide-and-seek games in the apartment or throw your stick or ball at your dog in an enclosed space. Tip: Lay out carpets. This dampens the noise of the paws and the scratching of the claws. Your dog will also like it when he can look outside. Often a bench is enough for the animal to reach the window and look out.