How are ranking problems expressed?

If there are ranking problems between the dog and the owner, this is mostly due to incorrect upbringing. The four-legged friend behaves too dominantly because he has not learned better. With the following tips you can get the difficulties under control again. Dog Lies on the Sofa: Ranking Problems or Bad Upbringing? - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Moran

The dog keeps jumping up on you? Is he lying on the sofa without permission? Ranking problems could be responsible for undesirable behavior. Behind it hides the idea that man is, so to speak, the pack leader of his dog.

When the dog shows too much dominance

In the opposite case, the dog is allowed too much dominance, so that he ranks above his master. Man has to bow to the will of his pet. However, ranking problems are not caused by the animal, but by an inconsistent or lacking upbringing by humans. If dogs don't know what you want them to do and what they are not allowed to do, they behave as they think of them. If you are reprimanded or scolded, they do not understand your anger. You lose confidence, become afraid and can develop other behavioral problems.

Recognize and correct ranking problems

In order to identify and combat ranking problems, you should not suddenly switch to the opposite parenting methods. A dog does not have to be drilled, constantly checked and punished. Dog education is not about gaining power over the animal, but about clear conditions and empathetic leadership skills on your part.

Your young dog should learn these basic commands

If you want to teach your young dog the basic commands, clarity, patience and consequence are ...

You can achieve this through fixed rules and clear structures. The four-legged friend must be able to rely on you and feel safe and in good hands with you. Then ranking problems do not arise in the first place. This means, for example, that your dog is either not allowed to jump on the sofa or bed or that he is always allowed to do so - even with dirty paws and wet fur.