From room tiger to house sweeper: cats ride on vacuum cleaners

Have you already set up your Christmas tree? Then it will not be long before the first needles fall and the vacuum cleaner is in continuous use. How about leaving your cat this annoying task? As these videos show, some velvet paws seem to enjoy riding vacuum cleaners - and it is a pleasure to watch them do it.

Cats and vacuum cleaners are actually hostile to spiders. The muffled rumble of domestic help scares most house tigers. Our video finds show a completely different picture. Whether young or old: cats love vacuum cleaners. The automatic models in particular simply seduce you into an exciting ride. And if the animal roommate can be annoyed, it is twice as much fun as hangover Max-Arthur proves in this video. Again and again he wipes the puzzled Pit Bull Sharky with his paw.

And if you are only a small enough kitten, you can also share the space on the vacuum cleaner with your siblings. The following video shows a true cat rodeo with a clear winner. Until the "wild" vacuum cleaner also throws off the last clumsy kitten.

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