Cute cat, bad dog? Baby cat with bodyguards

The little kitten is called pancake. You don't need a frying pan to defend yourself. The sweet velvet paw has two very special bodyguards: a Doberman and a German Shepherd touchingly take care of the clumsy black and white - cuddle units are of course included.

Many people would feel much less comfortable around a Doberman and a German Shepherd than this little kitten. And in this video too, one or the other will certainly be scared and worried about the fluffy velvet paw. After all, the contrasts in this animal team could hardly be greater.

Animal team: Pancake and the big brothers

The little kitten Pancake, on the other hand, really enjoys being protected and cuddled by the two big dogs. In addition, it is safe to say in front of the cat friends: because which cat has a Doberman and a German Shepherd as big brothers?

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