The heaviest animals: These six break all records

With these six animals it can be a little more: They are by far the heaviest representatives of their kind. Fortunately, however, they are quite good. Because, as our picture gallery proves, the few kilograms more do not hurt them optically at all! Leatherback turtle: The heaviest reptile at up to 916 kg - Image: Shutterstock / Stephanie Rousseau

Leatherback turtle: The heaviest reptile at up to 916 kg - Image: Shutterstock / Stephanie Rousseau Elephant Seal: Heaviest seal with an incredible 3,500 kg maximum weight - Image: Shutterstock / creativex Large anaconda: The heaviest giant snakes of their kind weigh over 200 kg - Image: Shutterstock / greglith Goliath beetle: Among the beetles, a heavyweight with around 110 g - Image: Shutterstock / Miroslav Hlavko Giant staircase: Largest flightable bird with a maximum weight of 22 kg - Image: Shutterstock / Braam Collins Capybara: Very heavy rodent with 45 kg - Image: Shutterstock / stephen

Our first animal-heavy candidate is the leatherback turtle. She can proudly say: "No reptile weighs as much as I do!" Weighing up to 916 kilograms, it is a real colossus, but it can also be attributed to its size in good conscience. The shell of the turtle can be up to 2.5 meters long, breaking records in the turtle world. Another heavyweight representative out of the water is the elephant seal. Thanks to a maximum weight of a whopping 3.5 tons, it can call itself the largest and heaviest representative of the seals.

Weight records for snakes and beetles

Admittedly, the weight of the large anaconda can actually be seen. The giant snake from the tropics of South America secures the title of the heaviest snake and can weigh over 200 kg in individual cases. No wonder with a length of up to nine meters. You'd rather only look at this animal from a distance. The Goliath beetle, on the other hand, is less frightening, but is still suspect. With a live weight of 110 grams, it is traded as the heaviest beetle in the world.

Warning, heavyweight in the air!

The giant staircase proves that even heavy birds can fly without looking silly. With a maximum weight of 22 kilos, it still takes to the skies and is the heaviest flightable bird ever. And what about the rodent world? Here the capybara (also called "Capybara") stands out not only with its funny name, but also with its body, which weighs up to 45 kilos, and which towers a lot beyond other rodents.

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    eilatanrehcsif: For information only at the "Anaconda". The one in the picture is a Tiger Pyhton! Really! In the attached picture is a correct anaconda report abuse

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