Identify behavioral disorders in cats

If the behavior of cats permanently deviates significantly from the norm, behavioral disorders may be present. These can be very different and should always be checked by a veterinarian: they could be a signal that the cat is sick. Behavioral disorders in cats can manifest themselves in many different ways - Image: Shutterstock / ileana_bt

Behavioral disorders in cats can appear all of a sudden or exist from an early age. The decisive factors are always the situation and the length of time in which the abnormalities occur and whether they differ from the other behavior of the animal. These problems are among the most common causes of stress in the cat-human relationship:

Scratching, biting, marking & Co.

Cats have a variety of ways to express their feelings. Unfortunately, these are sometimes behaviors such as marking, messiness and other problems around the litter box. Scratching wallpaper, furniture and curtains, or scratching, biting and being aggressive towards people are also common behavioral disorders that can arise from stress, boredom, fear, grief, past problems, illness and many other reasons.

Other symptoms of behavioral disorders in cats

While some cats tend to be aggressive if something is wrong with them, others tend to draw attention to their suffering. They are withdrawn and have no desire for anything, eat less than usual, cannot be persuaded to play with difficulty and do not take care of themselves as extensively as their peers.

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However, some also clean themselves a lot more than usual and lose fur, so that bald spots arise. In general, if you notice a change in your cat, or suspect from the start that she is suffering from a behavioral disorder, you should go to a veterinarian with her and maybe consult a cat psychologist if health reasons for her changed behavior can be excluded.

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