Little kittens: "Straws are cool!"

Straws are colorful, light and obviously the greatest toy for the little kitties in this video. The cute cats pounce on the pile of colored objects full of joy and can hardly believe their luck.

"A big mountain of straws just for the two of us! Insanity!", These kittens think and pounce on the colorful household items. With their paws they lift up the colored sticks, roll them around on the table and sniff them with their little noses. After all, a new toy needs to be carefully examined. A velvet paw is even cheeky and rolls a straw from the table.

Funny rascals! However, caution is required with this toy: since the straws are not a cat toy, care must be taken to ensure that the cats do not injure themselves on these objects or swallow parts of them.

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