Suitable for the cinema: cats on a mysterious mission

When these cats go on a mission, even famous and experienced secret agents like James Bond can pack up. In three videos, cute four-legged friends show their most mysterious tours and espionage campaigns.

Mission 1: the screen

The first case has it all: The adventurous leading actress of the video has enough of her freedom and wants to get in, but is separated from her happiness by a fly screen. There is only one solution: climb high and look for someone to let them in. The second jump is particularly spectacular!

Mission 2: Shadowing a mysterious four-legged friend

The protagonists of this mini cat agent film are still very small. Their cute names Toffee, Rio and Ruby are of course only camouflage to divert any suspicions. As you can see, they do their work seriously and well, so that the much larger four-legged friend - no matter how inconspicuously - is immediately identified as a suspect.

Mission 3: the stairs

And our third little hero spares no effort to remain undetected. The recipe for its success: never take the easiest route. For example, stairs should always always be climbed from the wrong side. Does it look complicated? It is, but the life of a secret agent is simply not for everyone!

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