Character and temperament of a Bengal cat

Elegant, beautiful and with a wildcat look: the Bengal cat is already a fascinating little guy. If you want to buy one, you should not only be guided by its appearance, but also know about its character and temperament. Playful, cuddly, in love: The Bengal cat - Image: Shutterstock / Anna Tyurina

When a Bengal cat sneaks around on silent paws and with big, shining eyes, that's a great sight. Their nature is determined both by their cuddly nature and by their wild side.

Cuddly tomboy: character of the Bengal cat

As a family cat in a household with experienced cat owners, Bengal is wonderfully in good hands. They are fond of children, affectionate, friendly, loving and cuddly. Nevertheless, they are not cuddly toys, because the chic velvet paws with the wild appearance are very confident and self-determined.

In addition, this four-legged friend is very sociable and loves to be with other cats. Since it can tend to dominate and is physically very strong, your second cat should be able to endure this. Picking up a pair of siblings usually works very well. Even with a strong but calm cat like the Maine Coon, the sweet little wild catch is usually excellent.

Extravagant Bengal: pet with a wildcat look

Not to be underestimated: the temperament of the Bengal

The clever, playful Bengal is sporty, agile and always on the go. On the one hand, this means that it never gets boring because she always comes up with something new. On the other hand, that you absolutely have to give her the opportunity to live out her temperament and engage in demanding work, because only then will her attitude be appropriate to the species.

The talented Bengal cat loves to learn tricks. If you don't challenge her, she gets bored, which she can show through behavioral problems such as wallpaper and furniture scratching, clearing shelves and other pranks. So you should bring enough time, space and patience for a cat of this breed.